Monday, 20 October 2014

Mass Communication For Me – What & Why

If you want to Know Mass communication - a diverse pool of exciting careers, watch this video

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Sunday, 19 October 2014


Expressions as a part of mental wellness play a vital role
to develop a healthy environment. Let’s make another one!!.......  

Here we attempted to capture student’s expression on varied
theme. We confidently say, that this video will make you laugh & feel

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Useful Tips to Choose the Best Media Institute in Delhi NCR

Nowadays, career in Journalism has become a major attraction of many enthusiastic young girls and boys. Mass communication & Journalism refer to academic studies of varying sources, by the help of which entities and individuals relay important news and highlights to many big segments of the population over a simultaneous basis.

The growth of media houses and the entertainment industry has taken place consistently since the liberalization of the country’s economic condition and in turn, resulted in big demand for students having professional qualification in the sector of media communication. However, success in the sector of media & journalism would become possible only if students should choose for studying in a good institution involved in providing media courses.

Here, you will get some suitable points, based on which you could expect to get a good institution to pursue mass communication in Delhi. In fact, you should give concern towards some important points, which lets you find out Best Media Institute in Delhi NCR.

Best Media Institute in Delhi NCR.

Reputation & practical approachReputation & practical approach of any college or institution is a huge significance in case of getting campus placements or getting a job in leading media agencies and institutions. In fact, it is only the practical approach & updated curriculum that helps the students to get lucrative jobs in top-class companies of the country.

Faculty Members of the Institute and its InfrastructureOnce you collect information about the Institutions offering media courses, you have to make sure that the faculty members possess vast knowledge and experience in media courses. Moreover, you have to give concern on the overall infrastructure and other important facilities, like Camera Set up, Editing Suite, News Room available in your chosen Media Institutes.

Referrals and Mouth Publicity are Essential FactorsLast, but not the least, you should make sure to interact with senior students of the Institute and inquire properly about their experience with the institution as well as their careers after the completion of the complete course. Therefore, by considering some important points and tips, you will find the right institute providing mass communication and journalism courses and explore your bright career in the mass communication industry.