Thursday, 6 March 2014

Why Mass Communication – Career Options

The world has witnessed an unexpected explosion in communication technology and media. The field of media is quite interesting and rewarding but at the same time it demands lots of time, energy and hard work from one. Media continues to be dominant sector that opens many doors to different types of opportunities. That’s the reason why mass – communication, as a stream of study are the best option for anyone.

Mass communication refers to “passing the messages to many people” through different media like newspapers, television, radio, magazines, blogs etc. Today, mass communication has become an essential and seamless part of everyday human life’s & their activity. 

The opportunity for mass communication is endless and more challenging with a wide array of media tools coupled with massive penetrative powers. They offer a multiple job opportunities in various streams including:

·         Anchor
·         Media Planner
·         Journalist
·         Photographer
·         Film Director
·         TV Correspondent
·         Producer
·         Radio Jockey (RJ)
·         Screenwriter
·         Sound Engineer
·         Art Director
·         Editor
·         Event manager
·         Public Relations Officer
·         Videographer
·         New Media Specialist
·         Public Relations Specialist
·         Broadcast Manager
·         Social Media Expert
·         Marketer/Advertiser
·         Motivational Speaker

Besides these facts, a career in mass communication requires passion, commitment and dedication towards their desired field.